Who We Are

Aunua Academy is a non profit organization based in Ireland. Our mission is to shine a light on the emotional health & well-being of young people, providing them with free accessible resources to help support their mental health.

Our vision is to partner with leading industry experts, national and international organizations, and together support young people to discover their ROAR: 

Recognize with an Open mind their full potential, with Acceptance of themselves and others, thus encouraging them to ignite their greater purpose to Reconnect with the world around them.

What We Do

We believe it is essential to collaborate with others to create a powerful impact on a global scale. That is why we are grateful to partner with some amazing worldwide recognized organizations. We invite you to learn more about our current projects and partnerships!

Aunua Talks is our Spotify channel! Our podcasts are designed by experts in the field of education and mental health. We carefully select easy to digest content that can be listened to on top of busy routines, for parents and kids.

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A values-based NGO

Our Values

Practice kindness to others and oneself

Pursue overall well-being

Invest in life skills

Sustain continuous education

Let us make something great together?

Aunua Academy is built on a solid network foundation. Since the beginning we gathered volunteers, speakers, ambassadors and partners that were truly engaged with Aunua core values.


Dublin, Ireland