Our mission

Aunua Academy is a non profit organization based in Ireland. Our mission is to shine a light on the emotional health & well-being of young people, providing them with free accessible resources to help support
their mental health.

Our vision

Our vision is to partner with leading industry experts, national and international organizations, and together support young people to discover their ROAR:
Recognize with an Open mind their full potential, with Acceptance of themselves and others, thus encouraging them to ignite their greater purpose to Reconnect with the world around them.

About Aunua Africa

It is an initiative towards launching a free online mental
health educational app for young people in Africa
● It will include sustainable training initiatives
● It is designed to provide a life changing experience for the teens as they develop a stronger sense of selfawareness, self-care and compassion while understanding the symbiotic relationship and importance of engaging with their school and community

Our Path ahead with our Partners

Currently, Aunua Academy has partnered with Upcycle
Africa & Belouga to drive sustainable initiatives that will
help the youth in Africa
● The plan is to build a community youth centre/outdoor
eco-structure out of plastic bottles with the help of
organisation Upcycle Africa
● The first community centre would be built in Uganda and
the entire process would be filmed and uploaded on the
Aunua app
● This youth center will become a training facility to
empower youth leadership certified programs
● The centre will eventually host big screen training
events with the help of partners’ training resources
● The programme aims at building varied skill-sets in the
youth. For example, some might participate in designing
and some in construction processes


Education for all
Environmental Projects
Protection of Culture


Help with Emotional Stability
Problem Solving
Encourage Community Collaborations


Look for Productive Partnerships
Strong Human Connection
Dedicated Developments

Our Partners


Hope For Future

SheRoes Global


Aunua Academy Africa
Yemi Adenuga

Upcycle Africa