Engaging the Adult Community

Aunua grown-up is a series of activities designed for the adult community engaged to help and support the younger generation struggling with mental health issues. 

Our activities include podcasts, our living magazine, social media content and blog posts.

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”

Aunua Talks, our Podcast

Podcasts are a modern way of offering quality content in a very practical way. Our podcasts are designed by experts in the field of education and mental health. We carefully select easy to digest content that can be listened to on top of busy routines, for parents and kids. 

Our audience is encouraged to hear the supportive voice of our community, and learn how to handle challenging situations at home, school, work.

There you will find Educational & Inspirational talks with experts in the fields of psychology, education, environmental issues, and emotional well-being.

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“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”

Aunua Guided Meditations

Guided meditations designed to help you live in harmony with all of your emotions. These episodes are developed in collaboration with Marisa Lmon, and you can find them on our Spotify channel.

About Marisa Imon

Marisa is a creative developer and public speaker with a demonstrated history of working in human services.

She is graduated in Community and Environmental Planning, with a focus on Youth in Communities, in the University of New Hampshire. 

Her main skills are in Mindfulness, Meditation, Public Speaking, Songwriting, and Music Production.

Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.”

Aunua Global Magazine

AUNUA Global (previous Aunua Living) is a digital magazine with inspirational content, personal stories, valuable advice, and also yummy recipes!

Let’s get you some fresh well-being insights?

“We rise by lifting others.”


Let us make something great together?

Aunua Academy is built on a solid network foundation. Since the beginning we gathered volunteers, speakers, ambassadors and partners that were truly engaged with Aunua core values.


Dublin, Ireland