Talking to Teens

Aunua teens is an initiative that aims to give voice to teenagers,  letting them be heard and recognized – following our ROAR principles.

We believe that we should all hear more of what young people have to say. 

Their experiences and opinions are a powerful asset to influence other youngsters, and raise awareness on mental health.

Aunua teens takes place in schools as a youth-run program with the support of our global partners.

Below is the first interview we did with an incredible young man named Jack Swift.

Hope you enjoy!

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” 

Belouga Talks

Belouga talks is a series of webinars created together with our partner Belouga, and our goal is to bring mental health awareness to the community. 

Come and join us at Belouga’s platform!

Let us make something great together?

Aunua Academy is built on a solid network foundation. Since the beginning we gathered volunteers, speakers, ambassadors and partners that were truly engaged with Aunua core values.


Dublin, Ireland