” We partner with worldwide recognized organizations

We are grateful to partner with these amazing worldwide recognized organizations. It is essential to collaborate with others to create a powerful impact on a global scale! Thus, we encourage you to learn more and support these causes.

Blue Star Virtual Learning

We make learning simple, engaging, and fun so our scholars become “Masters of Themselves”.
Virtual learning is expansive and should inspire a love for technology while embracing the love of nature, personal relationship building, and community service. We should use our hands to create works of art, our bodies to express the beauty of this world, and our minds to create solutions to improve the planet we cherish. This is how we become masters of ourselves. This is “The Blue Star Way”.


Belouga has the mission of making education impactful and accessible. They make this possible through virtual peer-to-peer and classroom collaboration. They use a method known as CLAI (Curiosity, Learning, Action, Impact). Through this, Belouga provides students and teachers with real-world learning initiatives. Their sources are global organizations, customized to their educational goals.

Genius School

Genius School believes every child and teenager is a perfectly imperfect genius with unique strengths and weaknesses. Which has potential beyond current education facilitates. Rather than teaching a child what to learn, they teach them how to learn. They give them skills and tools to face anything in today’s uncertain future.

Inspiration for good

Inspiration for Good aims to be a strategic and significant contributor to non-profits and economic empowerment. This allows a positive impact on the lives of millions. Their mission is to tackle short-term issues by implementing long-term solutions. As well as maximizing social benefit and creating a sustainable future for communities. Their core values are strategic foundations & partnerships, heartfelt drive, long-term solutions & applying an innovative, and growth mindset to problem-solving.

Level up

One million women by 2022. That’s how many women Level Up Ladies support with their platform. They help women overcome challenges and knowledge gaps. The platform offers training, coaching, mentoring, accountability partners, resources, and a support network.  They create an environment for women to feel real progress. The support is strategic and structured, but also flexible in the ways it needs to be. 


SaferWays is an Inspiration for Good project. It is a community interest initiative that re-invests funds back into community activities.  SaferWays aims to offer this through an app that allows users to keep up to date with matters that affect their personal and community safety. As well as offering the means to report relevant concerns and access support of partner organizations. Here’s to a safer society. 

saffa global

Saffa Global is an international business and management consultancy. They have vast cross-cultural experience in offering business-critical support. They pride themselves on supporting growth through improvements in strategy, systems, operations, and performance. Alongside their work in the private and public sector, they offer a range of support to the non-profit sector too. 

Sheroes global

Sheroes empowers and inspires disadvantaged women and youth to be more. They support them to become positive change agents in their community. They achieve this through positive impact projects, supported by members, mentors, and ambassadors. These projects are also in line with the UN sustainable development goals 2030.


The World Health Innovations Summit (WHIS) platform is about collaboration and communities network. Their mission is improving people’s health and well-being while achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. They aim to be a positive change that gives responsibility to businesses and helps the community on local and international levels.