Find the organizations that mean more than partnerships to us. Aunua connects with these projects so we can achieve our common goals. And this in alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals. Building these meaningful relationships will create a major impact on both. Get to know them.

Bishara Care Foundation

Bishara wishes to end the horrendous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). This is a century-old tradition that serves no purpose, besides intimidation and power.

The organization works to increase global awareness of the physical and mental consequences for young girls and women due to this atrocity.

Generations Together Ireland

Generations Together Ireland connects young and old people in an intimate and creative way. They invite school children to visit nursing homes. They aim to create lasting memories and teachings for both parties. They allow them to expand their vision, challenge their abilities, and connect with their emotions.

Upcycle Africa

Upcycle Africa has recovered over 3.000.000 plastic bottles and built 117 eco houses for families in Africa. They train unemployed young adults, teenage moms, and widows. They turn plastic waste into materials to build homes for affordable prices in Uganda. These groups are employed as waste collectors, sorters, compactors, and constructors.

Their vision is to empower people while changing their mindset and behavior on plastic waste.

Amoyo foundation

Amoyo is an after school and weekend performing arts training platform (dance, acting, singing) working with over 150 impoverished children from the townships in Hout Bay. Their classes are a platform to engage with youth. The Amoyo journey aligns  skill development with self-respect, respect for others, integrity, emotional intelligence and communication skills needed to survive in the fast paced professional world outside of their immediate environment of poverty, neglect, criminal and gang activity.


Whistle foundation helps children by simply bringing a smile on their faces. Food, water, clothes, a day trip, a movie night…. that’s what they do to lighten a load they carry . Their daily burden is their struggle to survive. Can I help that burden…in the words of Barack Obama…’Yes I can’ but only with your help.

Hope for the future

The focus is now aimed at eradicating the stigma associated with HIV, improving the living conditions of people living with HIV, supporting young girls who were innocently born with HIV, through no fault of their own.

Hope For Future helps by improving the existence of these vulnerable young ladies by getting them off the streets, improving their living conditions, providing them with accommodation, registering them back in school, providing basic needs like sanitary towels, underwear, toiletries and clothes, throughout the year.